Since launching our commercial painting aluminium window frames service, we have worked extensively in shopfronts, offices, restaurants, and other commercial spaces equipped with aluminium or other metal fittings to provide them with a fresh, modern look. To do this, we use only the best premium quality paints from Dulux, the latest painting tools and techniques, and an advanced colour matching system capable of producing paints the same colour as our client’s corporate colours. Dulux provides a written five-year guarantee on our work, so you can rest assured knowing your business will look great for years to come.

Over the last decade, businesses have realised the importance of vibrant colour, particularly in their shopfronts, and have started to use colour in their shopfronts as a way give themselves a competitive edge knowing an attractive-looking shopfront will entice customers to enter their store and spend more. You too can gain a competitive edge by utilising our commercial painting aluminium window frames and expert colour-consulting services. We will work with you to create a colour scheme that will optimise your shopfront or commercial space.

The Benefits of a New Colour Scheme

Using colour isn’t exclusive to retail environments; offices and other commercial spaces can benefit greatly from a new colour scheme too. A dull and drab-looking office is bad for business. Modernising your office, impressing your clients, finding a good tenant and maximising your rental income can all be achieved by utilising our services.

If you’re looking for cost-effective painting aluminium window frames commercial in Perth, call us on (08) 9314 5484 to arrange a no-obligation consultation with one of our expert colour consultants and we’ll have your business looking the part and attracting new customers in no time.